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Selling (2) unused Serva iMasts. new condition. Canada
Selling (2) unused Serva iMasts. new condition. Canada

Listing ID: 2155
Title: Selling (2) unused Serva iMasts. new condition. Canada
Price: 350K usd each
Quantity: 2
Condition: Used, new condition
Location: Canada
Date Posted: 2024-02-05 08:17:30


phone USA: 302-231-1880

Skype: jeffreyweber

whatsapp: 937-789-5906

telegram: @jeffweberusa


(2) unused Serva iMast units. new condition. 350K usd. The SERVA iMast combines the efficiency and versatility of a crane handling an injector, with the safety and control of a traditional Masted Coil Unit.

Contact Jeff for more details, to inspect, and or discuss pricing.
USA land line 302-231-1880
USA mobile 937-789-5906

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selling unused Serva iMasts
available Canada 2 Serva iMasts
(2) Serva iMast units. available Calgary
unused Serva iMasts-350K
Serva iMast. available. unused 350Kusd
available unused Serva iMast Canada
selling (2) unused Serva iMast units
available (2) Serva iMasts-unused