Jeff Weber

Selling used HydraRig offshore coil tubing unit. Zone II.
Selling used HydraRig offshore coil tubing unit. Zone II.

Listing ID: 2016
Title: Selling used HydraRig offshore coil tubing unit. Zone II.
Price: On request
Quantity: 1
Condition: Excellent
Location: Singapore
Date Posted: 2022-09-07 11:22:39


Skype: jeffreyweber

EU office:

Mobile: +370-616-57086
Phone: +370-5-261-0884

US office:

Phone: +1-302-231-1880

Cabin 301 Skidded Assembly Zone II
Power Pack Skid DNV Unit Zone II
D3000 Reel Assembly - Drop In Reel Sub-Assy. D3076 Spool Int, Swivel Assembly
Spreader Bar Assembly
HR 660 Injector Assembly
HR680 BOP Inj. Transport skid for Injector, Bop, Stripper, Gooseneck, Injector Hose reel.
Spare HR 680 injector
It has a 4.06” quad bop, single stripper, 26ft off Lubricator and a spare HR680 injector that has done virtually no work. There is no pipe on the reel though.

Contact Jeff for more details, to inspect, and or discuss pricing. 302-231-1880
USA mobile 937-789-5906

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