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Selling Gefco Speedstar 185 drilling rig. USA
Selling Gefco Speedstar 185 drilling rig. USA

Listing ID: 2020
Title: Selling Gefco Speedstar 185 drilling rig. USA
Price: 600K usd with drillstring
Quantity: 1
Condition: Excellent
Location: USA
Date Posted: 2022-09-19 13:18:12


phone USA: 302-231-1880

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whatsapp: 937-789-5906

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Top Drive drilling unit powered by a CAT L-18 Diesel Engine mounted on a 2007 Kimball Chassis C3100 10x4 - 5 axle back in carrier.

Speedstar 61 foot high, 185,000 static hook load, hydraulic raised with dual raising cylinders, rocking board and single joint pipe arm.

Hoist Capabilities:
Hydraulic Cylinders to raise and lower top drive. Hoist capacity of 30,000 lbs. Hoist speed to 140 ft per minute.

Pull down:
Maximum pull down capacity of 30,000 lbs.

Hydraulic leveling jacks:
Four 60” stroke leveling jacks, two at rear on centerline of bore hole and two behind carrier cab, all independently controlled.

Tophead Drive:
11,667 ft. lbs. of drilling torque, rotation speeds of 0-100 rpm. 3” diameter fluid course.

Two 8,000 lbs capacity Braden Hydraulic winches substructure. 10’ H x 10’6” W x 25’ L. T-type substructure with two 5 ft wide folding walkways. 50” H x 10’6” W x 40’ L back on ramp.

Iron Roughneck:
2008 Ditch Witch Iron Roughneck

Dog house:
2007 Cherokee 8’ W x 40’ L Dog house trailer with knowledge box, cabinets, workbench with vise, 12 lockers.

Gen house:
2007 Stanton Dynamics Trailer with a marathon
50 kw generator powered by a John Deere diesel engine and a 95 kw generator powered by a 6-71 Detroit diesel engine.

Mud Pump:
Two MZ-9 Triplex Mud Pumps with Cat 389 diesel engine rated at 1,000 HP each, type D pressure gauges, pulsation dampeners, charging pumps, quick change, caps and flowline manifold. 5.5’ Liner – 9’ Stroke – 4274 PSI.

5’ H x 8’ W x 36’ L - 255-Bbl Mud suction tank with 11” porch extension, 2 compartments, slant bottom, internal plumbing, 5”x6” centrifugal pump powered by 50 HP electric motor, brand MA-10 10 HP mud agitator, chemical hopper, mud hopper, mounted walkways, stairs, safety rails, skidded.
5’ H x 8’ W x 40’ L - 285-Bbl shaker tank with 3 compartments, slant bottom, internal plumbing, mounted walkways, stairs, safety rails, skidded.

503 Derrick Equipment shale shaker mounted on pits, powered by electric motors. With De- sander & De-silter.

Regan Torus 9 ½” ID 3000# annular blowout preventer with shafter LWS 9” 3000# double ram blowout preventer, 16” H Drilling spool with (3) 2 1/16” 5000# gate valves, and 2 1/16” check valve, koomy type 80, 3-station closing unit, (4) 10-gal accumulator bottles, triplex charging powered by 10 HP electric motor.

Fuel Tank:
Skidded 5,000 gallon fuel tank with 10’ porch. 3 compartment lubester, storage cabinet.

Water tank:
8’ H x 10’ W x 20’ L - 285-Bbl closed top water tank, skidded.

Contact Jeff for more details, to inspect, and or discuss pricing. 302-231-1880
USA mobile 937-789-5906

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