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Selling (4) used trailer mount nitrogen generators. Middle East. Price negotiable
Selling (4) used trailer mount nitrogen generators. Middle East. Price negotiable

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Title: Selling (4) used trailer mount nitrogen generators. Middle East. Price negotiable
Price: price negotiable
Quantity: 4 available to buy
Condition: used, ready to work
Location: Middle East
Date Posted: 2020-01-09 12:58:31


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(4) used n2 generators for sale. Middle East. Membrane. trailer mount. Atlas Copco compressors. Price negotiable
Nitrogen Unit 1
AtlasCopco/John Deer Engine | HOP110090 / 2008 | Nitrogen Membrane Unit House- SN JCWWC080051

Nitrogen Unit 2
AtlasCopco/John Deer Engine | HOP110091 / 2008 | Nitrogen Membrane Unit House-SN JCWWC080052

Nitrogen Unit 3
AtlasCopco/John Deer Engine | HOP110093 / 2008 | Nitrogen Membrane Unit House-SN TCCC07A010909

Nitrogen Unit 4
AtlasCopco/John Deer Engine | HOP110094 / 2008 | Nitrogen Membrane Unit House-SN 07SB233141
Membrane Nitrogen generators explained
Membrane technology is simple and efficient. Membrane technology is suitable for situations where the required flow of nitrogen is relatively low and purity levels do not exceed 99%. Membrane technology separates air into its component gases. This is accomplished by moving compressed air through semipermeable membranes consisting of bundles of individual hollow fibers. Each fiber is very small. Each fiber has a circular cross-section and a uniform bore through its center. At one end of the module, compressed air flows into the fibers. There, the compressed air contacts the membrane as it flows through the fiber bores. Oxygen, water vapor and other trace gases permeate the membrane fiber and are then discharged. However, nitrogen is held within the membrane. The nitrogen flows through the outlet port. Since water vapor permeates through the membrane, the nitrogen gas stream is very dry. Dewpoints are as low as -50°C (-58°F).

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Selling (4) used membrane N2 generators. Middle East. price negotiable
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Selling membrane nitrogen generators. (4) available. Middle East. Price negotiable
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