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Selling Nitrogen Pumper. Micron fired. 840K Body Load. USA
Selling Nitrogen Pumper. Micron fired. 840K Body Load. USA

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Title: Selling Nitrogen Pumper. Micron fired. 840K Body Load. USA
Price: buy for200K reasonable offers considered
Quantity: 1
Condition: excellent, ready to work
Location: USA
Date Posted: 2020-02-10 06:38:09


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I have a 2013 International Paystar ST 5900/Micron/Fired 840K N2 truck for sale. It was built by Halliburton, I have attached some pictures, I have very low mileage around 12,300, we are looking to sell would like to see 200,000 for but would take offers also
About Nitrogen Pumps
In well workover and completion operations, nitrogen is used to displace well fluids so the well flow will begin. Nitrogen is also used to clean wells as nitrogen has low density and high pressure. Nitrogen is also used for stimulating production in hydraulic fracturing jobs. Nitrogen is employed during well cementing. Nitrogen gas is used to control cement slurry weights.
Nitrogen is used to maintain pressure in reservoirs that have either been depleted or experienced a decrease innatural pressure. Nitrogen injections and or nitrogen floods can be used to move missed pockets of hydrocarbons from an injection well to a production well.
Nitrogen is also used for pigging and purging a pipeline. Nitrogen can be used to push the pigs through the pipe. Nitrogen is also employed to purge the pipeline once pigging has been completed. The technique is to run the dry gas is through the line without the pig, This operation will dry remaining water in the pipeline.
A niitrogen pumping converts nitrogen from liquid to a gaseous phase. The nitrogen unit is fed with liquid nitrogen at a temperature of –196 C. The unit then pumps the liquid nitrogen to high pressure before it supplies heat. This operation transforms the liquid nitrogen into a gaseous phase.
Power for this operation is supplied by a diesel engine. A heat recovery system supplies the required thermal power. The diesel engine power pack supplies theydraulic pump power and liquid nitrogen heat. The reciprocating pistons of the triplex pump pressurize the liquid nitrogen to the required downstream pressure. The high pressure liquid nitrogen then flows through the nitrogen vaporizer and is vaporized to gaseous nitrogen.
The vaporiser coolant system and discharge temperature are usually maintained at levels of 60 C and 20 C.
The heat balance between the hydraulically loaded engine and the nitrogen vaporisation circuit is obtained by heat transfer. This is accomplished by using a plate heat exchanger.

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2013 International Paystar ST 5900/Micron/Fired 840K N2 truck for sale
Used 840K N2 pump. Body load. USA
Selling nitrogen pump. Body Load. 840K micron fired. USA
200K usd buys my body load N2 pump. location USA. 840K micron fired