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Sale or rental: Twin pump spm quintuplex fluid pump unit. Trailer mount. Dubai
Sale or rental: Twin pump spm quintuplex fluid pump unit. Trailer mount. Dubai

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Title: Sale or rental: Twin pump spm quintuplex fluid pump unit. Trailer mount. Dubai
Price: on request
Quantity: 1
Condition: Excellent, ready to work
Location: Dubai
Date Posted: 2023-08-06 11:57:40


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Trailer Design:
Custom made heavy-duty with (3) Axle fixed gooseneck, single drop
trailer, landing gear, Budd wheels (275/70R22) Tires, control cabin,
displacement tank, Triplex pumps, Power driven engines, epoxy coated.

QTY (2) Cummins QSK19 Diesel engine at 800hp, giving Torque of 2275 lb-ft.

Triplex pump:
QTY (2) SPM Quintuplex Pump, equipped with 3” Plunger, MAWP 15,000PSI, (Min rate 46gpm at 15,000 psi, Max Rate 413gpm at 3,739psi).

(2) Allison 11H22 TIDA Transmissions for use with diesel engine up to 600hp (435KW).

Centrifugal Pump:
6x5x14 MISSION, NOV manufactured.

Control Cabin / Control Panel and Display:
Enclosed control cabin with electronic panel, equipped with the required gauges to monitor engine and operation parameters, sketch to help the operator controlling the valve actuators and pumping lines.

Displacement tank:
2-Compartment 20-Bbl Mixing Tank with (2) Agitators.

Engine radiator, and cooler for hydraulic system and Quintuplex lubricant.

High Pressure Line:
SPM or equivalent high-pressure line for discharge and circulation.
HP pressure relief valve on discharge side.

Low pressure Manifold:
SCH 40 mild steel 4” piping for suction.

BFV Actuators:
AIR actuators, connected to the control panel via pneumatic system.

Diesel Tank:
Renewed 1,000lit diesel tank with filtering system.

Hydraulic / Air hoses:
Hydraulic, pneumatic, diesel, lub and all other hoses.

Electronic Wires:
Electrical wiring through out the unit with spot lights for night

Weight and dimension:
Approximately 29 Ton/, (L/14mtr, W/2.5Mtr, H/3.8mtr).

Contact Jeff for more details, to inspect, and or discuss pricing. 302-231-1880
USA mobile 937-789-5906

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Trailer mount Twin spm quintuplex frac pump unit. Sale or rental. Dubai

Fluid pump unit sale or rental. Twin SPM quint pumps. 15K. Trailer mount.
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