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Selling skid mount SPM TWS600 fluid pump. Zone II. Rental available.
Selling skid mount SPM TWS600 fluid pump. Zone II. Rental available.

Listing ID: 2156
Title: Selling skid mount SPM TWS600 fluid pump. Zone II. Rental available.
Price: 310K usd
Quantity: 1
Condition: Excellent, ready to work
Location: Middle East
Date Posted: 2024-02-05 08:34:21


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REMANUFACTURED SKID HP SINGLE PUMP. Skid Design New custom made heavy-duty crash frame with forklift pocket, certified pad eye and lifting slings, control panel mounted on platform for controlling, better unit supervision and maintenance purposes, epoxy coated. Skid DNV 2.7.1 Compliant
Engine Serviced CAT Diesel 3456 C16 /450hp. ZONE II Certified (RIG SAFE SPECS) DOM 2012 remanufactured 2022, hours after remanufacture 2200 hr
Triplex Pump Serviced SPM-TWS600 triplex Pump, equipped with 3._5_” _P_l_u_n_g_e_r_, MAWP 10,000PSI, (Min rate 1.9bpm at 10,000 psi, Max Rate 8.0 bpm at 3,000psi).
Transmission Alison HT 750 for use with diesel engine up to 450hp (332KW) remanufactured 2022
Centrifugal Pump 4x5x14 MISSION, NOV manufactured.
Control Panel and Display Electronic panel, equipped with the required gauges to monitor engine and operation parameters, sketch to help the operator controlling the valve actuators and pumping lines, MC III CAMERON data display for pumping rate and pressure can be connected to CT DAS.
Radiator Serviced engine radiator, and New cooler for hydraulic system and triplex lubricant.
High Pressure line SPM high-pressure line for discharge and circulation.
HP pressure relief valve on discharge side.
Low pressure Manifold S_C_H_ _4_0_ _m_i_l_d_ _s_t_e_e_l_ _4_” _piping for suction.
Butterfly Valves S_P_M_ _4_” _BFV.
BFV Actuators AIR actuators, connected to the control panel via pneumatic system.
Hydraulic Tank Hydraulic tank.
Diesel Tank Renewed 500lit diesel tank with filtering system.
Hydraulic /Air hoses Hydraulic, pneumatic, diesel, lub and all other hoses.
Electronic Wires
Electrical wiring through out the unit with spot lights for night operation.

Fluid End: GD S600

Electric starter

Weight and dimension Approximately 7.3 Ton/ L: 6000, W:2400, H:300).

Contact Jeff for more details, to inspect, and or discuss pricing. 302-231-1880
USA mobile 937-789-5906

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