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Sellng 460K CEEM HWU. 990K usd
Sellng 460K CEEM HWU. 990K usd

Listing ID: 2158
Title: Sellng 460K CEEM HWU. 990K usd
Price: 990K usd
Quantity: 1
Condition: currently stacked
Location: Gulf of Mexico
Date Posted: 2024-03-16 18:01:54


phone USA: 302-231-1880

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This technical specification provides а description of the GPS460K Stand Alone SnubЬing Unit c/w containerized power unit designed for use in а wide variety of operations utilizing а crane to rig up and down. The model described is built to the highest of standards with the most current innovations availaЫe. The unit is constructed using the finest of craftsman, from new high quality materials and completely assemЫed, cleaned, inspected and tested following this specification and is ready for its intended services. Power pack can Ье skid mounted or mounted in а 20ft (5.919m) sea container. The 460K Skid mounted hydraulic Standalone Snubblng Unit is designed to perform hydraulic workover operations оп dead well or pressurized oil or gas wells. The unit is designed and manufactured to Ье of the safest and most efficient in the SnubЬing industry with maximum versatility, reliabllity and minimal maintenance, even in extremely harsh oilfield environments. The GPS460K is designed as per the directives of DNV2.7.1 for lifting points and provides pad eyes for lifting of the complete unit as well as points for disassemЫy. AII steel structures are modeled and verified Ьу FEA prior to build. After construction materials are proof loaded as required and NDT is completed. lt is designed and built to ОЕМ standards and all pressure containing equipment meets NACE TRIM specifications for H2S service. lt will operate in temperature ranges of -35С to +50С. The unit is designed to Ье аЫе to Ье broken down to pieces of 8 tons or less and shipped Ьу standard sea container.
It is professionally maintained. Never used.

Contact Jeff for more details, to inspect, and or discuss pricing.
USA land line 302-231-1880
USA mobile 937-789-5906

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