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Selling ASEP skid mount slickline unit, double drum. UK
Selling ASEP skid mount slickline unit, double drum. UK

Listing ID: 2163
Title: Selling ASEP skid mount slickline unit, double drum. UK
Price: 172k ugbp
Quantity: 1
Condition: Ready to work
Location: UK
Date Posted: 2024-05-09 09:53:09


phone USA: 302-231-1880

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Further to our discussions below please see attached links to the wireline unit we are potentially looking to sell.
I purchased this unit from a company we work closely alongside. Unit was out of certification when I got it, it has only been used in a Eline companies yard for testing tools and conveying tools through pipe horizontally so no hard use. Since I've owned it we have given it extensive refurbishment, used it on one job and its just sat still. We purchased it in the hope to start pushing more equipment offshore in the North sea. Unfortunately our business has taken somewhat of a hit in regards to workflow so we are in the market to long term rent or sell this unit.
1 thing to note, we have one issue that it doesnt currently have a counterhead installed. im due to go and visit a close friend of mine in the industry who has a ASEP MP16 counterhead that will fit to this unit. If your buyer can wait a few weeks i "should" have a fully functional wireline unit for them. If they're not bothered about the counterhead then id be happy to let this unit go for £10,000 less.
Asking price £172,000
-£10,000 with out a counterhead.

Contact Jeff for more details, to inspect, and or discuss pricing.
USA land line 302-231-1880
USA mobile 937-789-5906

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